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Guest Desperados!

Among the most notorious guests of the Lonesome Cowboys from Hell, special honour be given to the following individuals:

Daisy Mae Daisy Mae. She seems to be married to JK-ee if only on paper, and show her disrespect by falling asleep during pretty much any bigger gig of the band. Who knows, she might end up singing a song. Pure grace.

Raul Raul "El Loco", of Aztec origin. Friends come and go, but a good enemy stays with you forever! Thanks for storming the stage on the Tate Britain gig Raul, that was first class.

Roadeo Marco Roadeo "Marco", the great silent man who once sang a song about a piano on his foot. He might as well come back one day. Cheers!

John E. Cashmoney Nick "John E. Cashmoney". One of the founders of the Lonesome Cowboys from Hell, decided to take the plunge and left for the eternal hunting grounds. He was a lovely friend and a great influence, so R.I.P. dear Nick.

Martin LauM. Art-in-Law. Son of an North Indian chief, he is especially good in tiptoeing around the Lonesome Cowboys from Hell's camp shooting them with one of his cameras. Special thanks for most of the images on this pages go to him. Here is his website.

lonesomecowboysfromhell (@) gmail.com