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JK-ee (closeup) by Martin Lau

Blind 'Gentleman' JK-ee

People call him "Blind Gentleman" though there is disagreement wether he's more blind than deaf, and whether you can call him a gentleman. He is probably already over a hundred years old, maybe even hundred n nineteen. Some even say he's actually already dead, only late for his own funeral.

JK-ee is constantly trying to make good for his miserable fate by strumming fretted instruments, of which the ukulele seems to be his most favorite. Sometimes he's barricading himself behind an accordion or even more strange tools we don't want to mention. In the Lonesome Cowboys from Hell, he's providing the chords.

He's allegedly been married to Daisy Mae for an eternity but without result, and his obscure preferences have given raise to much of a song in the West... One of his songs is about execution in the electric chair, so people say that this was based on personal experience, which would account for his adversity to electric instruments.

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