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Jan-E. (closeup) by Martin Lau

Jan E.

Jan E. is a descendent of Stoertebecker and was accordingly raised in the wild Germanic North were he led a shantyman's life playing squeeze box, but shipwreck had him wound up in England on his way to the West. From what was left of his boat he built his bucket bass, the unearthing sound of which has him to play in the Lonesome Cowboys from Hell. He's recently been spotted maltreating an upright bass and even plucking on a fretless geetaar. He is providin the deep and dark sounds in the band. No more treble!

In the daylight, the former shantyman is managing an agency and a gallery, plus has been cought producing tasteless t-shirts and websites. He insists the band being called 'Lonesome Cowboys from Hell', meaning the worst is behind them. Sometimes he's not quite sure though, but hey, life's ups'n'downs!

lonesomecowboysfromhell (@) gmail.com