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Frank E. (closeup) by Martin Lau

Frank E. the Lonely Woodsman

Lead "vocalist" Frank E. the Lonely Woodsman is also Calum F. Kerr, a strange individual with many incarnations. Originally from the Wild East, Frank E's been through a lot of traumatising events, including running away from the circus in Hunstanton to become a rodeo gimp in John E's Wild West show as well as having many pain-racked encounters with Tate Modern and the world of contemporary art along the way.

He's recently started transforming into a tree.

Musically, he has heard of styles such as no-depression twang, country lounge jazz, north-western blues, psychocountry punk skiffle and ethno gipsy folk, though they didn't help much so he just wails like he always does.

His songs have a haunting quality with lyrics embracing primate love, family genealogy, criminal law and the inevitable disappointment of an extra thick milkshake.

lonesomecowboysfromhell (@) gmail.com