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Lonesome Cowboys from Hell are from London not the US of A
and should be mighty ashamed of themselves.

Live! Survivors Poetry at T.Chances - Lonesome's Playin' on No-Thanks-Givin' Night 10pm
Thursday 24th November 8pm-12midnight - Tottenham Chances, 399 High Road, London N17 6QN

Look at 'em perform on their Lonesome Moo-Tube right here!

Tweet the Undead! twitter.com/lonesomecowhell

Current members (just look at 'em!)

JK-EE - fretted, accordions, vocalsFrank E. - vocals, tree, voices

JK-ee uses historic ukuleles, guitars, accordions, oldtime swamp sounds.
Frank E. uses his vocal chords, maraccas, keyboards, and the audience.
The Demon Chris Peters plays a fretless bass of demonic proportions
Dead Eye Ed Marx uses Drums, the Marksman, he surely never misses a beat.

lonesomecowboysfromhell (@) gmail.com

Past members (just look at em!!)

Clem-E T Profane - double bassJohn E. II - drums & brushes

Clem-E T Profane terrifyied all with his low-down bass stylings.
John 'Magic Hands' D. Vile banged undead heads, rocks and drums together.
Pistol Pete Jordan used an Electric Bass straight from the Depths of Hell.

Jan E. used a bass made from a cement mixing bucket hence called
bucket bass, a dog house fiddle, a fretless, a bow, and knives.
A.N. Other Musician used bows and strings, and is a happy man with a clear night sky,
half moon, and a sharp knife.

Guest performers Roadeo Marco, Daisy Mae, & El Loco Raul

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